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We have a 9 Step Transition Process; however, our investors only have to be involved with Step 1.  This makes the transition organized, streamlined and simple for our clients.  We always communicate with you through the process and completion of each step.  You are then sent a completed transition report at the end of the transition process.  

  1. ROCK-It Call-  During this step, we provide you with an outline of all documents that we will need from you.  We discuss the major clauses in our property management agreement.  We outline the transition process in detail, so that you know exactly what to expect.  You are introduced to your transition team.  We discuss your expectations, our requirements, and your short term and long term investment goals for the property.
  2. Vendor Management Systems
  3. Human Resources
  4. Marketing and Property Re-Branding
  5. Accounting System
  6. Risk Management & Maintenance Systems
  7. Operations
  8. Employee Training
  9. Complete Transition Report-  Constant follow-up, feedback, site visits, and continuous improvement.

How long is the transition process?

Typically, the process, (especially on-boarding to our property management software) is about 90 days.  However, we have a paper backup system for everything from guest cards and maintenance requests, a PM system, leasing documents, and even training and operational manuals.  Our system is so streamlined that we could take over a property immediately and begin implementing our systems in a matter of days if a client needed emergency management.

The last of Rock Residential's 6 Core Values:  ETHICS is simplicity.  It is our goal to always make the transition process from self-managing or using another management company simple, cost-effective, and efficient for our clients.  We know that your time is valuable and limited, and we vow to make the transition process as simple and seamless as possible.

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Transitioning to Rock Residential

Our Simple 9-step System