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Each property is treated differently, as we believe that there is no cookie-cutter approach to property management.  Other management companies and owner-operators often fail at repositioning multifamily assets by trying to use a blanket system for all properties.  We understand that all apartment communities, resident bases, markets, and owner goals are different, and we take that to heart.  We always customize an individual plan to reposition multifamily assets.

However, we do focus on improving 3 major areas of all properties that we reposition, which we call the 3p's:  Choose each title below to learn more.

Rock Residential specializes in repositioning multifamily properties with performance issues including, but not limited to:

  • Vacancy
  • Below Market Rents
  • Negative Cash Flow 
  • Exceptionally High Expenditures
  • High Turnover (both resident and employee)
  • Adverse Reputation
  • Deferred Maintenance and Capital Projects

Whether you have just purchased a value add asset with upside potential with the purpose of creating additional value, OR if you currently own an asset that isn't performing to your expectations, our expert team has what it takes to create the value and cash flow that you desire.

Having nearly 30 years combined hands-on experience at all levels in the multifamily management  industry, our team can confidently say we can improve the bottom line for any asset in any market.  We are the company that improves where others have failed.  We are unique, problem-finders, with tried and tested systems to address any problem.  Often, we find problems that owners are unaware exist.  Afterwards, we develop and implement creative solutions to those problems.

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