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4 Part / Pre-Purchase Analysis

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Pre-Purchase Analysis Service

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The purpose in Rock Residential's pre-purchase analysis is to provide investors with an affordable version of the due diligence process that can be conducted remotely.  Most purchase oppurtunities fall apart within this area of due diligence, and we wanted to develop a cost-effective version to help investors evaluate properties without breaking the budget.  In addition, this information is the perfect all-inclusive due diligence package for single family home and small apartment building investors (2 to 30 units).  If pre-purchase analysis services are conducted, and the investor decides to move forward with further investigation, these services can be credited toward full due diligence consulting.  This analysis is also helpful to provide to potential lenders for better rates and higher chances of funding approval. 

  1. Competitive Market Study
  2. Financial Review
  3. Proforma Budget
  4. Executive Summary