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What does a property manger do?

We know that sometimes vendors give you preferred pricing due to your personal relationship and/or loyalty to them.  Rock Residential has no problem using your preferred vendors as long as they are insured.  Our insurance requires that we only use insured vendors.  However, we'd be happy to add any insured vendor of your choosing to our vendor list and tie them to your property in our management software so that our employees know to only contact your preferred vendors for your specific properties.  

We do request that you use our pest control vendor simply because it is easier for scheduling with both the vendor and the residents, AND you receive a preferred pricing structure. 

This will depend on the size, location, specific features, market demand, rental comps in the area, and the time of year.  Part of our on-boarding process involves a walk-through of your rental property and a rental rate analysis.  Ultimately, you make the decision of what your home should rent for.

We handle all of the day-to-day operations of the management of your rental property including marketing vacancies, showing vacancies, tenant screening and selection, signing lease documents, rent collections, maintenance, interacting with the residents on your behalf, accounting, etc.  For a more in-depth list of what is included with each package, see the pricing page.

If your property is located inside the city limits of Jonesboro or in Valley View, we do not charge mileage to and from your property.  Part of what we charge an upfront fee for is to cover the cost of gasoline and time showing your property to prospective residents.  However, if the property is located outside of Jonesboro city limits, we do charge .55 per mile to compensate for gasoline, wear and tear of vehicles, and wages during drive time.  

I own several rentals.  Do you offer discounts?

Is Pest Control Required?  

Can Rock Residential help me purchase or sell our property?

What is the difference between the Standard and Premium Plans?

Why do you charge a flate rate rather than a percentage?

Ideally, your rental property should be in its most pristine condition (we call this the "illusion of new").  This means that it should be freshly painted, deep cleaned, carpets should be steamed cleaned, and everything should be repaired and in excellent working order.  The lawn should be manicured.  The outside of the property should be free of mildew and moss growth.  Soffit and fascea and exterior doors and window sills should be in excellent repair and freshly painted.  Doing so, will ensure that we can rent the property in the fastest time to the highest quality resident for the most amount of rent.  In addition, residents are going to be happy with your rental and will stay longer and renew their lease (sometimes for an even higher rental amount).

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We have 2 packages- a standard package and a premium package, see the pricing page.

Am I charged mileage to and from my property?

How long will my property sit vacant?

We can either direct deposit your funds, or we can mail a check.   Direct deposit funds are sent on the 25th of every month for the current month.  Mailed checks are sent no later than the 10th of every month for the previous month.

What if I want to use my own vendors?  

We have an easy 7-step process for on-boarding.  The first step involves a meeting in person or discussion over the phone if you are out of the area, touring the property, and discovering if we are a good fit to work with each other.  If we decide to enter into a business relationship, our on-boarding process is simple and organized.  We'd be happy to discuss this with you in more detail.

What needs to be done to my property before it can be rented?

Single Family Home Management Q & A

How much does property management services cost?

Can you tell me how much my rent should be?

Yes.  We have found that we have happier residents, who stay, pay on time, and renew their leases when their homes are maintained.  Pest control issues (ants, flies, spiders) are in the top 3 reasons why residents do not renew leases.  We have found that it costs our owners much more to pay one-time fees than it does to put the property on a service contract and pay quarterly.  In most cases, we can raise rents on a renewal period and cover the costs of service so that you aren't out any additional money.  If the property is vacant when we take it over, we'll work with you and budget in the cost of the service to ensure that we charge a rental rate that still yields you the return you are seeking.

The Premium Plan is perfect for investors and includes everything on the Standard Plan PLUS

(1) provides you with enhanced marketing when your properties are vacant (video walk-throughs, posted on 50 additional websites, and placed on the front page and top of our company website.) 

(2) Quarterly inspections of your property (The standard plan only has semi-annual inspections)

(3) A semi-annual HVAC service contract.  There is a 120 point inspection of entire heating and cooling system with full diagnostics that helps prolonge the life of the unit.  

(4) Customized reporting sent monthly to your inbox (choose as many or as little reports that you would like to view)

(5) 15 minute status call monthly regarding your property at your discretion

(6) Choose to have payments processed for your property such as mortgage, taxes, insurance, utilities, etc.

(7) ​Annual budget review and revenue optimization conference call to help maximize the revenue on your investment.

What if I am only interested in the Premium Plan for the enhanced marketing.  Can I pay extra to have the enhanced marketing added to the standard plan?

We have developed a flat-rate maintenance pricing structure to ensure that you receive quality repairs the first time at a budget-conscious rate.  You are only charged .60 per minute from the time the maintenance staff arrives until the repair is finished.  You are not charged to and from travel time.  On average, our single family home rentals only experience 1-3 maintenance requests annually.  We have had maintenance requests cost as low as $6.  On average, maintenance requests with Rock Residential are around $20.  We have also partnered with the best vendors in Jonesboro for major plumbing, electrical, and HVAC system problems.  If we hire a contractor for your rental, there is never an up-charge.  You receive the invoice from the vendor to ensure you are not ever paying junk fees or up-charges to Rock Residential.

This often depends upon the time of year, the condition of the property, and the unique selling features.  At Rock Residential, we pride ourselves on finding quality tenants who stay, pay on time, and take great care of your property.  Although it may sometimes take a little longer upfront to find the best quality candidate for your rental home, you will have a much better rental experience with a quality resident than if we were to rent your home to just any prospective tenant.  On average, properties are vacant for 2-6 weeks, but we can never guarantee a certain length of time before a rental home becomes occupied.  Homes that are in pristine condition (freshly painted, deep cleaned, and maintenance free) always rent faster and/or for a higher rental amount. Homes in less desirable locations and/or at top of the market pricing tend to take longer to find a quality resident to move into them.  Also, homes available in peak leasing season (April to August) tend to rent faster and for higher rental rates than availability in off-peak leasing season (September - March).  

Can you explain the  process 0f getting started with Rock Residential

We specialize in real estate management- not sales.  However, we'd be happy to provide you with contact information for other realtors who specialize in investment purchases and sales.  We can; however, work with you or your realtor and provide you with a pre-purchase investment analysis to help ensure that you are making a sound investment based on your goals as an investor.  

When and how do I receive my rental check?

On multifamily properties 4-20 units located in the same complex, you receive a $30 per unit discount.  On a single family home, duplex, and triplex portfolios of 10-29 units you receive a 10% discount.  Portfolios of 30 units or more receive a 20% discount.  Please call for a custom quote for a multi-family community over 20 units. 

We manage your rentals based on your individual goals.  Having a flat rate pricing structure ensures that we are not financially motivated to charge a certain rental rate.  We do not make any more or less regardless of what the rental rate is.  This is how we ensure that we only make decisions that are best for you and further your goals as an investor or home owner.

Absolutely!  If you pay the $579 set-up fee,  we can provide enhanced marketing to any standard plan.  With this, you will get placed on the front page of our website, listed on over 50 additional websites, and a video walk-through.  

How much will maintenance cost for my rental unit?