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What is the cost of repositioning services?

Can you take on a property that is 100% vacant and in need of full rehab?

We also offer due diligence services during the pre-purchase phase, lease up services, project management, and full asset management.

We would need to evaluate the property in order to give you a proper time estimate.  It really depends on many property specific factors such as:

  • How many units?
  • Does the reposition also require rehab or retrofitting that we must oversee?
  • What are the owner's goals?
  • Does the owner require that the property's cash flow to be re-invested into the property to perform capital improvements or renovations?        (if so this could prolong the time frame)
  • Is the property currently understaffed?

Do you only manage under-performing assets?

This is also property-specific and would depend on if you plan to retain us as the stabilized management company after the reposition.  We often need to evaluate the property to answer this question.  Feel free to call or email us to request a property evaluation and specific quote.

Transforming Properties.  Enhancing Lives.

What if my goal is to sell and cash out? Can reposition services help to entice a new investor to purchase my property?

Increasing the value and/or cash flow of a multifamily property by improving management and/or the condition of the physical asset.

What is involved in the transition process when switching from another property management company or self-management to using Rock Residential's full management services?

Although repositioning under-performing assets is our specialty and main focus, our tenured team also has the experience to manage stabilized Class A, lease-ups, affordable properties (LIHTC tax credit), rehabs, senior housing, and student housing.  Please contact us to request a specific quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is repositioning your specialty?

How long does a reposition take?

Absolutely!  If your goal is to sell your property, we are the best management company for the job.  In addition to repositioning the property, we will work directly with your sales broker to provide them with updated information that will help them with the marketing of your property for a top-dollar sale.

What is a multifamily reposition?

Do you offer any other services?

Read about our transition process here.

Yes, but we would treat it as a combination of a rehab project and a lease-up property.

The principals at Rock Residential have a passion for taking under-performing properties from red to black.  Often, these properties have been mismanaged by previous owners or mediocre  management companies.  To us, there is nothing sadder than an apartment community that isn't performing to its fullest potential.  Under-performing properties are a strain on an owner financially and emotionally, undesirable to quality residents and employees, and a drain on their communities.  We love breathing new life into seasoned and/or dated properties, as it not only improves the property but also the lives of all people involved with it.  This is how we live our mission - to celebrate life through quality and profitability and our tagline: Transforming Properties.  Enhancing Lives.  

Can you manage the property after the repositioning phase?

Absolutely!  We invest a lot of time and effort into repositioning properties, and we would love to continue the stabilized management of an asset after the repositioning phase is complete.